To Paint The Sky – Love in Flames (Cover)

So, Last year I started listening to this band from
Seattle, Washington. I fell in love with them so quickly, That
I decided I wanted to cover one of their songs. Well, Everytime
I went to record the cover, Something ALWAYS went wrong.
(Lost camera, Lost charger for camera, Drum stool broke in
half). But, Now that everything is back in order, I can finally
present my drum cover of “Love in Flames.”
(With at least one..? Mess up. It was the fourth take on my
camera and I’m kind of pressed for time. Hah.) I also muted
the video clip, Because to say the least, My drumset sucks!
I’m pretty much broke right now and can’t replace it,
I’m also limited on cymbals, Because of that reason as well.
However, I get by fine with it, Well, It’ll have to do.
I did a bit of my own stuff in this cover, But, When I played the
music track with it, It didn’t sound right because of my
drumset. -_- Hah.
Also make sure you check out the band!!


They have a Twitter: @ToPaintTheSky

Also, Be sure to follow their personal Twitter accounts:

Also, Get their EP’s (You can get them off of iTunes):
The Ghost You’ll Never Know
Through The Rain

They’re some pretty amazing people and very down to earth. :]

P.S. I’m sorry it took so long guys. :/ Everything that could’ve
went wrong, Did. And then I got busy and couldn’t find any
time for it.. Until today! But, I finally came through for you!
And Anthony, This is your (VERY) Late birthday gift!
Get stoked!

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