Q&A For Ghost Flames Effect Video – DIY Auto Body and Paint Q&A – Your Questions Answered

This is a video response to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkR18rPXLco

Below are the question I answered in this DIY Auto Body and Paint Q&A

1. sanding it like that and putting tiny scratches in your paint job…isn’t that harmful to your paint and promote rusting?

2. Great video, thanks Donnie. Do you have a video on mixing paint? I just bought a gun and would like to use it…

3. if you wax your car after doing this will the wax hide some of your “fading” areas?
the best part of this is if you dont like it you can always rub it out!

4. will this idea work on a white vehicle?

Thanks for your questions. Let me know if this helps or have other questions.

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