Prepare Paint For Artwork – Masking Flame From – – Please rate this video. All ratings and comments are appreciated. This is part two in answering a question asked of how to prepare a car that has good paint to add artwork. I am not aware of a way to paint the airbrush work without scuffing the panel and re-clearing the panel. This will assure proper adhesion to prevent peeling. Part one described how to clean and scuff the paint. Part two discusses how to mask, or free hand artwork.

1. Lay out the initial outline with 3M blue fine line masking tape.
2. Using 3M 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ masking tape, tape around the blue fine line tape.
3. Using masking paper, mask the rest of the area not being airbrushed.

Now you’re ready to airbrush the flame. If you’re free handing your artwork, you could skip this step.

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