Painting the M26 Pershing for Flames of War

We are taking a closer look, at the new M26 Pershing Plastic Box.
Paints we recommend are from Vallejos Model Color Range
Basecoat for the Tank
Dark Camo Green
Black Wash for the shading
2nd Basecoat
Us Olive Drab
1st Highlight
50/50 mix of US Olive Drab/ Green Grey
2nd Highlight
Green Grey
Basecoat Metalparts
Gunmetal shaded with black Wash
Basecoat for the Tank Commander
Uniform Khaki
Highlight 50/50 mix Khaki/White
Basecoat Helmet
Us Olive Drab
Highlight 50/50mix US Olive Drab/Green Grey
Basecoat Beige Brown
1st Highlight Flatflesh
2nd Highlight 50/50 mix Flatflesh/White
Weathering Effects
Beige Brown
Brushes we used
Citadel Large Dry Brush
Citadel Large Brush
Army Painter Regiment Brush
Army Painter Character Brush

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Many thanks to Mr. Meyer from Battlefront Miniatures, his donation of the Platoon Box made this Tutorial possible.


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