How to: Create & Paint Flame

How to: Create & Paint Flame

Quick tutorial on how I made flames to add to my flamethrower weapons. You can do the same to add to vehicles/rocket launchers/destroyed buildings and much more!

WARNING: Please be super careful adding superglue to the clump foliage, make sure you have plenty of ventilation and add the foliage in SMALL amounts so it doesn’t react badly 😀

What I did:

Straighten out a paperclip.
Add super glue over it and use super glue activator (to speed up drying time) and dip into clump foliage.
Keep adding super glue while twisting paperclip and dipping into foliage and build up to desired length.

Basecoat flame black
Dry/wetbrush colours onto the flame going closer to the end each time with the following shades of colour:

Finish flame by adding a glaze of lamenters yellow

What I used:

Super Glue
Super Glue Activator
Clump foliage (from hobbycraft/ebay etc)

GW- Skull White/Iyanden/Troll slayer orange/wild rider red/mephiston red/khorne red/rhinox hide/abaddon black

GW- Purity Seal (to seal flame and help it last gaming!)

Any Questions feel free to comment or message, thanks for watching and subscribe for more!


“Lightless Dawn”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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