German Troops – Flames of War – Wee Warrior miniatures painting service

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A sample of some models from Wee Warrior, a miniatures painting service specialised in Flames of War by Battlefront.

We are a profesional miniatures painting service. Do you
enjoy painting tanks but find painting infantry a real pain? Would you like to collect more than one army but can´t seem to find the time to do it? Is there a competition coming up and you cannot take part in it just because you do not have enough painted minis? Is there a mountain of unopened blisters staring at you from the top of your painting desk? Maybe you should get in touch with us because we might very well be what you need. We are fast, we offer great value for money and if you would rather see a physical sample of our work before committing yourself to an order we can send you onel!

We offer you a whole package. You choose whatever boxed sets and/or blister packs you want us to paint for you and we will buy them for you, get them painted and shipped back to you. This way you only pay for one order and save all the hassle and postage costs. If you already have all the unpainted models you can just send them to us and we will make soldiers out of your toys!.

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