Airbrushing True Fire with Water Based Paints

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This is an airbrush job I did on a customer’s snowboard helmet.
He wanted a stylized true fire type of paint job with some words in it, so I decided to make a video about how to airbrush fire with water based paint. In this case, the No Fear slogan that the customer wanted is left dark, while the fire it painted around it. I chose to make the flames in that area brighter to heighten the level of contrast and make the words stand out more prominently.
The key to this method is the various candy colors that are used to bleed the solid colors together. In this video I used several water based candy paints made by auto air. They included the candy apple red, candy orange, candy sunset, and candy yellow.
I also made use of auto air’s auto borne black and red, their semi opaque yellow, and their transparent white. Other colours can be used to achieve this effect, so don’t think that you need to acquire that exact combination in order to paint true fire with water-based paints.

This same helmet will be used for a video about how to polish clear coat.

I hope this video is helpful for anyone painting fire, particularly with water based paint.

Thanks for watching.

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