Your Marketing, Branding and Business Questions CRUSHED: RAWtalk Episode #116

This week show takes us back into the LOFT for the second show of the year. I honestly never know what direction the show will go when we hit record but this week took a turn into Business territory that you will not want to miss.

Before I dive deeper into the show I want to thank RODE for being this weeks featured sponsor. They just released a new accessory for the SmartLav and + called the SC1. The SC1 is a 20 foot extension cable which will really come in handy when you need to stay behind the camera and monitor audio. Be sure to check out everything RODE right here

We discussed the killer video Stephen whipped together from CES that left me wanting to watch even more. We outlined why I am going to Florida and where the next mobile RAWtalk is going to be on Tuesday January 20th.

If you are on SnapChat be sure to add me as a friend “FroKnowsPhoto”.

Flying solo this week has to be one of the most candid discussions I have had to date about business, marketing and branding on a RAWtalk. I let you in on how I advertise on Facebook, what I target, how much I spend and the reasons for doing so. Generally I don’t want the show to go almost two hours but the amount of solid questions this week lead us down that path. In all honesty you don’t have to be a photographer to learn something about business, branding and marketing from this weeks Episode.

I spent a good amount of time discussing Audio and Video Blocks a service that I have been paying for for almost two years now. People have been wanting to know where do we get royalty FREE audio and video to use in our videos. The answer is simple we use Audio Blocks and Video Blocks. You can get a 7 day free trial by going here for Audio Blocks and Here for Video Blocks. Both services go for a month but if you sign up for the FREE trial than cancel your subscription they will send you an e mail with an offer for a year for either service. That’s exactly what I did when I signed up.

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