Whiskey Business (Talking about stuff & drinking whiskey)

Hey guys, so I’m happy I finally did this..whatever it is.. I have had this idea or some variation of this idea for a while now to put on this channel, and while I realize that it has far from reached its final form, I am glad I put something together to get the idea out of the idea stage and into the reality stage.. I want to have people on semi-regularly (as regularly as I can manage), to do these whiskey chats. Let me know your thoughts on this as I’m sure y’all will have many.. Love you, happy Friday!

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Welcome to Just Julien. This is a channel for all my non-vlogging videos to live on. I enjoy talking both to camera and to guests/friends about a wide range of interests that appeal to me. So if you want to hear me chat, discuss, create and learn about cool stuff, in a vlog/short podcast format, then this channel is for you.

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