The Original Jingle Balls (GMOD: Offensive Business Ideas)

Internet! Welcome to a session of possible…Offensive Business Ideas. Stuff that would never work in the real world. Or heck, maybe it will. But essentially our Job was to come up with politically incorrect or awful ideas! Leave a rating for more!

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Well Internet, once again a Garry’s Mod Murder Session took an interesting Turn of Events. Instead of killing those we can not trust, we decided to kill those who came up with Shitty Business Ideas. Lets just say…we have a lot of them.

Ill go over two of my ideas…

The Jingle Balls
A perfect Christmas to both your friends and enemies. REAL SCULPTURES. OF REAL BALLS…made to jingle all the way! Enjoy them, shake them, kiss them. You name it!

Loosey Goosey Pefect Noosey
This…idea…I cant even write about. Its just…not a good one. Well, it is a good one, but its not a good one. Its a rope that breaks if you try to use it on yourself and leaves a vibrant mark around your neck so others can get you the help you need!

I DO NOT CONDONE ANY OF THESE…well except for the Jingle Balls. That’s a fantastic.


Thoughts? Should we do more of this?

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