Robotic Fish, Lasagne Aphrodisiacs, & the Business of Life: Latest on VICE

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Robotic Fish, lasagne aphrodisiac, & food challenges with Japanese YouTube star Megwin. This is the Latest on VICE.

VICE NEWS: The Business of Life:
VICE: Megwin vs Vice
MOTHERBOARD: Ultimate Robotic Fish:
MUNCHIES: Matty Matheson’s Lasagna:

On VICE NEWS we premiered our new series The Business of Life where we discuss how the changing landscape of the US workforce effects everyday people. We break down the issue using facts, figures, dollars, and cents.

In the latest How-To on MUNCHIES, Matty Matheson shows us how to make a Garfield-approved, guaranteed-to-get-you-laid beef lasagna.

On MOTHERBOARD we met Professor Mauritzio Porfeare whose daily activities include feeding zebrafish alcohol or caffeine and chasing them around with a robotic predator fish he’s designed in his lab.

On VICE we challenged Japanese YouTube celebrity Megwin to eat a plate full of salamanders, fermented herring, and a pile of chili peppers

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