DoppelBangers and Fan-Friction! (GMOD: Offensive Business Ideas)

Internet! Welcome to a session of Horribly Offensive Business Ideas that would never make it into the real world. Thank god for that…since some of these ideas were god awful. We apologize if anyone was actually offended! Leave a rating for More Business Ideas. Im thinking a Penis Themed Episode O.O

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Well Internet, once again a Garry’s Mod Murder Session took an interesting Turn of Events. Instead of killing those we can not trust, we decided to kill those who came up with Shitty Business Ideas. Lets just say…we have a lot of them.

My personal favorite will still be Your Mothers Garden…if your mothers bushes need a trimming we can come over and take care of that for you! We usually bring 3 to 4 men as well!


Thoughts? Should we do more of this?

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