Deadly Poetry Business (Garry’s Mod: TTT and DeathRun)

Welcome to a Combo Video Internet! Today we have an Official Board Room Meeting…Following by some Slam Poetry! Of course we learn about each other in the process! Anddd…cant forget some DeathRun as well! Leave a rating if you enjoyed!

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Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules
So…we are back, and we are about to take Terrorist Town by a storm! The idea is simple…use your terrorist detective skills to find out who is a terrorist and who is innocent! Find the Traitor…shoot him…save the day! A la the Ship, but fast paced!

DeathRun Rules
The Game itself is very simple and self explanatory. Be selected as a survivor or committed as a Reaper.

If you are a survivor, the goal is simple. Run from one end of the map to the other side without being “throw/pushed/zapped/sliced/smushed” or what have you. Death can be tricky, so try to be aware and avoid the reapers malice intent!

If you are a Reaper, it’s time to get tricky.
The survivors have to make it all the way to the end of the map, your job is to cause death in any manner possible. Pushing buttons and faking out those who live to bring them to a fortunate end.

The Other Survivors

Music By
Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Sebastian Skaf of

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