CrySpy – “Fishy Business”

Get it? Fishy? Because… because people in it are? THEY’RE FISHY! BECAUSE CTHULHU. FISHY! GET IT?!?! FISHYYY. FIIIIISHYYYYY.

Okay but seriously – hi! Here it is! Here’s hoping enough of you understood that the trailer thing was not for some grand major amazing whoa holy fuck thats fantastic project, it was just to say “Okay, I’m going back to my roots” 😀

So here it is! Took a bit longer to make than it probably should have, aaaand there are so many things I’m not happy with. Most specifically, the intro. It was very hastily animated (about 40 minutes or so) and all the audio was spliced together. I’m not an audio engineer! D:

But… I hope it was acceptable anyway! Love you! 😀


Music in the intro is “The Nth Degree” by OVERWERK:

Music in the outro is “Slayer” by F.O.O.L:

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