Chilled and Nanners Custom Creams! (GMOD: Penis Themed Business Ideas)

Internet! Welcome to a session of Fantastic Penis Themed Business Ideas. It figures Seananners would have the best ideas. Boner Bait, Custom Creams, Dick Tees. This man is a Successful Dick Magnet! Leave a rating for more!

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Well Internet, once again a Garry’s Mod Murder Session took an interesting Turn of Events. Instead of killing those we can not trust, we decided to kill those who came up with Shitty Business Ideas. Lets just say…we have a lot of them.

Soooo…it turns out Custom Creams is already a website and is probably going to sue us into the ground

Also turns out BoyDoesGirl is ALSO a website…and is probably going to sue us into the ground


Thoughts? Should we do more of this?

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