Best of the Failed Business Ideas (Garry’s Mod Highlights)

Welcome to the Best of the Failed Business Ideas, Internet. Some of the Greatest as well as the Most Retarded Business Ideas ever conceived have been discussed on this show. Here are some Fan Favorites! Let me know some of your favorite moments as well!

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The Crew and I had invented an entire new game type inside of Garry’s Mod. Taking what we know about Garry’s Mod, and a little bit from the TV Show Shark Tank, we were able to create our own type of show…”Failed Business Ideas”.

Essentially one of us would approach the detective and pray to god that he liked our Business…because if he didn’t…we were getting the Axe. Permanently.

Thanks to my friend JPerry, we put together a good list of fan favorites (Some may be missing…but I think we got most).

Some of my personal favorite business ideas are 1800 Get You off, FuckFlix, BonerBait, and Custom Creams. Which were yours?

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