Bad Boy Business Casual

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In this video men’s grooming, style, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, talks about how to look like a bad boy (even if you aren’t one) in the office. Bad boy business casual is a great way to look killer and stay professional.

Alpha welcomes you to the next installment of Bad Boy Style video series. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents bad boy work wear. It’s all about consistency, so keep it bad boy consistent!
Alpha demonstrates what bad boy business casual DOES NOT look like. Bad boy is more about HOW you are wearing rather than WHAT you are wearing.

Alpha starts at the shoes. They are stylize, sleeker, streamline, and lower profile.
Pants are fitted and slimmer with flat front.
The belt matches.
The shirt is fitted and works… and check it out, no undershirt!

Bad boy style has been elevated. But how to take it to a 10?

Change black shoes for tan or chestnut which adds detail and dimension.
If you’re not into blue, go with white.
Layer with a fitted v-neck sweater or rock a cardigan.
And if you want to level up, add a sport coat and / or a tie.
Great socks take it up another notch, but loud, zany socks are not an option with professional environment. Instead, opt for subtle and solid that coordinates with pants.
The one thing that takes your bad boy persona to the next level are bad boy underwear. If you are gettin’ down to bad boy business, the clothes are coming off, and you’re wearing tired ass boxers, you are now William in Accounting again! Yo! Bill has left the building!

Tani is bad boy underwear that is luxurious, has an amazing fit, and the fabric is 2nd to none! So for all of you viewers going back to around late 2013, you know that Alpha loves Tani. They also sponsored Alpha M. Project Season 1 Miguel as well. Now Tani is offering 30 days of FREE UNDERWEAR through Twitter #bestunderwear! Or grab the 20% off plus free shipping discount.

Congratulations on your soon to be business casual self!

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