1-800-GET-U-OFF (GMOD: Failed Business Ideas)

Internet! I will be the first to say, I am a genius when it comes to failed Business Ideas! Finger Condoms that are Flavored?! A Lawyer based on the kind of hate crime you commit!? There are all Genius! Leave a rating for more!

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Well Internet, once again a Garry’s Mod Murder Session took an interesting Turn of Events. Instead of killing those we can not trust, we decided to kill those who came up with Shitty Business Ideas. Lets just say…we have a lot of them.

I’ll go over two of my ideas real quick…because I believe them to be fantastic, a true marvel, completely needed in our society!

The first being The Salty Lie.
Essentially these are finger gloves (or finger condoms) that you slide onto your hand when you are at the movies or looking for a quick snack. It essentially simulates the taste of a food idea that you want, but it has no calories. It is an all flavor, no substance, no calorie snack!

The next idea is 1-800-Get-U-Off
Now it works like 1800Flowers, where you can order a specific arrangement of flowers for someone…pink roses, red roses, purple roses etc. With this business idea, you can now order a specific arrangement of lawyers based on the crime you committed. Murder a White man? Hire a white lawyer! Murdered a Midget? Hire a Midget Lawyer! No one will ever believe you to be a racist/sexist/short person bastard if your lawyer happens to be of the same race, gender, or shortness?!


Thoughts? Should we do more of this?

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